QuakeMap has entered a "Less Active" phase starting from July 13, 2015. We are not actively soliciting new reports. However, the site will remain online as an archive of the early relief process, and less intensive data processing and other follow up tasks will continue to be performed as needed. New reports can still be submitted to QuakeMap and we will continue working to move all actionable reports into closed status. Thank you for your support of the relief effort.

Do you want to file a report? Click on "Submit a Report" or SMS: +977 9802017413 (NCELL)

Self updating excel export (beta):http://bit.ly/quakemap-org

If you are responding to a report, tell us by commenting on the report! Your comment will be emailed to all other comment authors and sent to the phone number in the report via SMS. This helps us prevent duplication of relief efforts. Always use the contact details on the report to conduct secondary verification before responding.

Note: The reports on this site are coming from different sources. We do not send relief ourselves. Our reports help others, including the Nepal Army to coordinate and conduct relief efforts.

All Information submitted on this site becomes public!, including contact details.

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